Covid PCR Testing

Covid PCR Testing

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate Results within 36hrs

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate  Results within 36hrs

PCR Test

We are now able to offer PCR Testing in-store, with results guaranteed within 36hrs.

The PCR test looks for the presence of the COVID-19 virus on a sample of saliva specimen, it is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms is actively infected with the virus. Your PCR test result will allow you to make correct decisions about self-isolating to protect yourself or others.

A valid PCR Test is also required by certain countries or airlines prior to flying, with a fitness to fly certificate.

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate  Results within 36hrs

Antibody Test

Antibody testing, also known as serology testing, is usually done after full recovery from COVID-19.
Eligibility may vary, depending on the availability of tests.

A health care professional takes a blood sample, usually by a finger prick or by drawing blood from a vein in the arm. Then the sample is tested to determine whether you’ve developed antibodies against the virus. The immune system produces these antibodies — proteins that are critical for fighting and clearing out the virus..

If test results show that you have antibodies, it indicates that you were likely infected with COVID-19 at some time in the past. It may also mean that you have some immunity.

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate  Results within 36hrs

Rapid Antigen Test

This COVID-19 test detects certain proteins in the virus. Using a nasal swab to get a fluid sample, antigen tests can produce results in minutes. A positive antigen test result is considered accurate when instructions are carefully followed, but if a positive result is obtained, we would recommend taking a PCR Test to confirm the positive result.

Many airlines are accepting Rapid Antigen Tests, which are the same tests being offered at Airports around the world.

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate  Results within 36hrs

Fit to Fly

Please consult the latest Foreign Office guidance on the suitability of this test for your destination, as well as checking with your airline as guidance may differ.

Due to the constantly changing global environment and entry requirements, Pyramid Pharmacy is unable to provide specific guidance on whether a specific test is suitable for your destination. All purchases are at your own risk.

PCR Test + Fitness To Fly Certificate  Results within 36hrs

Day 2 and Day 8 PCR Testing

The government has made it mandatory to quarantine if returning from an Amber or Red list country. If amber, you are required to self-isolate at home for 10 days. During the 10 days you are required to do 2 tests, Day 2 and Day 8. Pyramid Pharmacy are selling the test kits including the postage labs.
Our Tests are Government Approved via TULI HEALTH.

All you need to do is call the Branch you wish to visit and notify them you need a PCR Test Kit.
We would rather patients did not attend the pharmacy to do Day 2 and Day 8 PCR Tests, however if you wish to attend the pharmacy, please fill out the form below.

Day 5 Test to Release:

We are doing the Day 5 Test to Release, and you will need to call the pharmacy prior to your trip to arrange for this. Results can take up to 36hrs to arrive.

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